This subject is taking up a lot of my thinking time but I'm finding it really hard to form my thoughts in to words on the page. So this page will develop as I manage to formulate my ideas. For now though I will begin by laying my head on the block and saying YES I do believe that collection is perfectly achievable without a bit.

I feel that I'm on the brink of having Chapiro 'off the leg' going forwards nicely and in the three paces. It's not there yet but it's approaching so I think this section will be helpful for illustrating my points on bitless collection. So I will start to keep a more regular update going in here, see you soon.

I spent a lovely morning last week with my friend Di and her gorgeous horse Remy. Di has started Remy from scratch and all by her self, starting with educating his mouth before even thinking of getting on board.  While we worked on keeping his neck soft on a circle I had a light play with the rein and honestly I've never felt such a lovely mouth. I can honestly say that I am quite envious of Remy's mouth, to the point that I'm almost contemplating the possibility of creating one for myself, lol. I need to think.


  1. I am excited to see your subjects in collection...I have also proven it is very much achievable! I love the response from the leg and seat position with subtle connection with a bit less~

    Sydney( Bitless horse-science vs tradition blog) in Canada has some head stalls that are better at the communication, than most of the normal available bridles out now.(have not looked yet)but plan on talking with her soon.

    Be well~

  2. Thanks KK, I just have to find time to sort my words into understandable format! I think it's the nurtural that Sydney uses, actually pretty much the effect I've ended up with by covering my indian bosal with sheepskin, I'm very pleased with the effect as it offers the possibility of 'lifting' under the jaw adding another dimension to aiding.
    The problem with most bitless collection I've seen video of is that the horses are flopping about on their forehand and isn't really collection at all (you can see what I mean on the nurtural bitless site). I hope I'll be able to get better results and you have given me faith to continue, cheers.


Penny for them!